Sheraton Tel Aviv is implementing latest technologies on energy and water saving

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The Green Key awarded Sheraton Tel Aviv has been working in the last few years with the latest technologies available of environmental and sustainable development that are environment friendly and cost effective.

Phoebus system which is a ground breaking technology company that combines new innovation of hi-tech technology with old cooling technology.  This technology is called Hydra Balance, it is a hybrid water system managed by smart cloud software.

The system is composed of the following: Hydra Balance units, Hydra Monitoring & Control Module, and Hydra Monitoring & Control Cloud Software. The Hydra Balance unit is a designated water source heat pump, which pumps the thermal energy from the cold water A/C loop, and uses it in order to heat the water in a hot sanitary water loop. The Hydra Balance reduces energy costs not only by producing heat energy but also by reducing the Air Conditioning electricity consumption. The system’s performance since installation 15 months ago has shown a saving of 61% in energy and reduction of 90% in diesel fuel consumption.

Another example is the SmarTap mixing valve. SmarTap E-Valve technology (patented digital shower system) enables online controlling and monitoring of shower water and inline pressure, that can save water usage  and energy, while maintaining a luxurious shower experience.

Last but not least is the water treatment plant, where the hotel is able to control and monitor everything that goes into the sewage system with the help of bacteria and a strainer the separates the substance that goes to the sewage. 


Source: Green Key