Next generation shower – now control with your smartphone

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SmarTap today announced the release of the SmarTap Digital Shower smartphone app. For the first

time, users can now control every aspect of their shower from their smartphone. The app continues

SmarTap’s mission to deliver the perfect shower every time that is smart, safe, and green.

The new app directly controls the shower and can be used to set up an array of shower programs. Have

a morning shower that you like to help you get started for the day? Coming back from a run and need to

cool down? Winding down for the night and need the perfect bath to help you relax? The SmarTap

Digital Shower app enables you to set the right scenarios so that you get exactly the shower you want

exactly when you want it.

Through the smartphone app, you can also warm up the shower so it is ready the moment you step in,

and monitor how long each shower lasts and how much water is used. You can even fill up the bath

through the app while you are in the kitchen or living room so that the bath is ready when you are.

SmarTap will deliver frequent software upgrades and updates to provide you with improvements and

new futures to further enrich your experience. The SmarTap Digital Shower app gives you full control of

all aspects of your shower in the palm of your hand.