Meet the next generation shower system

It's one thing to enjoy a good refreshing shower. It's a whole different story to be able to control your entire bathing system at the touch of a button. With today's smart home technology you can decide the water's temperature and pressure, monitor every aspect of the system, and save money on your monthly water bill.

e-Valve Technology

We call the heart of the system e-Valve. A revolutionary registered worldwide patent, equipped with groundbreaking technology and innovative design.
Via our patented MEMS sensor technology, the output of the system is stable in virtually any inlet conditions.

The valve unit is made in Germany by FIuehs, a leading supplier of turn and valve technology. The e-Valve represents a major breakthrough in water ecology and usage efficiency, constantly regulating and controlling the water flow to the shower unit.

Smartgrid Platform

Today more than ever, it is important to use energy resources responsibly. The e-Valve provides highly accurate reports that can be accessed via the unique Smartgrid Platform.

Here are some of the great features of the Smartgrid Platform:
  • Online controlling and monitoring of water temperature
  • Online controlling and monitoring of inline pressure
  • Compatible with many smart home features and devices
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to SmarTap cloud server

Intelligent App

SmarTap App has been developed to harness the latest technological advances.
The app allows the user to access, monitor, control and care for the system from anywhere in the world, using any android or IOS enabled phone or tablet.